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This gallery includes an extensive collection of project case studies from amongst Steven Noble’s prolific illustration collection that spans the course of many years that includes a vast array of clients showcasing brand marks, logos, packaging, animations, ad campaigns, posters, signage, editorial, and many more from the Behance portfolio. These case studies delve into the details involved in the project including the art directors and specific agencies involved in the process along with photos of the actual illustration process with sketches and scratch boarding techniques and tools used.
Espolon Tequila Illustrations created by Steven Noble
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Espolon Tequila Illustrations created by Steven Noble
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Steven Noble created label artwork in 2010 that reflects the rich culture and spirit of “real Mexico” for iconic tequila brand, Espolón.  The award-winning 100% blue agave tequila is being re-introduced to the US by Gruppo Campari after a hiatus of three years.
The artwork was created by using an x-acto knife tool carved directly into a black inked surface with clayboard underneath. This process is like working in a reverse negative fashion by removing instead of applying ink.
The six illustrations took a total of approximately one and a half months to complete from sketch concepts to final scratchboard.
Steven’s label illustrations pay tribute to the Mexican artists who inspired the world with true portrayals of the country’s rich history and complex everyday life. Striking, stark block print artwork features the characters of Guadalupe, Rosarita and the proud rooster, Ramón, reliving Mexico’s rich cultural stories.
The Espolón Reposado label tells the story of “recuerdo” (“remembrance”), in which Guadalupe and Rosarita grace the markets of Mexico City, the new metropolis built on the fallen Aztec capital. Here, the couple schemes to infuse elements of Aztec culture into every market to ensure the remembrance of that great society. The labels serve to provide history and offer insight into the rich and fascinating stories of real Mexico
AIGA 365: Design Effectiveness
Brand and identity systems design

AIGA 365: Design Effectiveness
Package design

D&AD Professional Award 2011
Packaging design 

Dieline Awards 2011
Second place, Spirits

WPPED Cream Awards
Winner (Packaging)

Featured on the Dieline, Communication Arts–Exhibit, Lovely Package, Behance
Espolon Tequila - "The Celebration"
Espolon Tequila - "The Bicyclists"
Espolon Tequila - "The Proposal"
Espolon Tequila - "The Funeral"