Illustration Collections

This gallery includes an extensive collection of project case studies from amongst Steven Noble’s prolific illustration collection that spans the course of many years that includes a vast array of clients showcasing brand marks, logos, packaging, animations, ad campaigns, posters, signage, editorial, and many more from the Behance portfolio. These case studies delve into the details involved in the project including the art directors and specific agencies involved in the process along with photos of the actual illustration process with sketches and scratch boarding techniques and tools used.
Advertising, Illustration
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Advertising, Illustration
25450 1000
Portrait Engravings
Doc Otis
Benjamin Franklin
Ludwig Van Beethoven
John F. Kennedy
Louis Armstrong
American Express Logo
John Wayne
Christopher Columbus
Marco Polo
ESPN College Gameday
Frank Sinatra
George "Cool" Washington
Trojan Warrior
Albert Einstein
George Killian
Sir Walter Raleigh
Copper Penny Bank