Illustration Collections

This gallery includes an extensive collection of project case studies from amongst Steven Noble’s prolific illustration collection that spans the course of many years that includes a vast array of clients showcasing brand marks, logos, packaging, animations, ad campaigns, posters, signage, editorial, and many more from the Behance portfolio. These case studies delve into the details involved in the project including the art directors and specific agencies involved in the process along with photos of the actual illustration process with sketches and scratch boarding techniques and tools used.
Maps Illustrated by Steven Noble
Calligraphy, Drawing, Illustration
12734 577
Maps Illustrated by Steven Noble
Calligraphy, Drawing, Illustration
12734 577
The series of maps illustrated below includes a wide collection of various styles of maps hand rendered in scratchboard engraving, woodcut, and line art commissioned by several different clients over the years. This includes use on packaging, book publishing, editorial magazines, and posters and brochures. Some of the illustrations are hand colored in watercolor and/or others applied digitally.
Map of North America
Charles Darwin's Journey
University of Colorado Oncology
Map of Boston 
Map of Africa
Pennington University
Mamont Map of Siberia
Map of Dublin
Map of Martinique
Map of Baja California
Budweiser Ireland
University of Colorado Cardiology
Map of the World
Map of Scotland
Globes of the World
Dominican Republic
Chardonnay Trail Map of the Napa & Sonoma
Hometown Connection
Map of Alaska
Map of France 
Blair Academy
Fryeburg Academy
Hirja Map
Kirk & Sweeney Label Map
Western Reserve Academy
Comi Con Map
Map of Old Mexico
The Rum Trade Map
The North Atlantic Map
The Coffee Growing Countries
Map of Scotland
Map of the United States