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This gallery includes an extensive collection of project case studies from amongst Steven Noble’s prolific illustration collection that spans the course of many years that includes a vast array of clients showcasing brand marks, logos, packaging, animations, ad campaigns, posters, signage, editorial, and many more from the Behance portfolio. These case studies delve into the details involved in the project including the art directors and specific agencies involved in the process along with photos of the actual illustration process with sketches and scratch boarding techniques and tools used.
Kraken Rum Illustrations Created by Steven Noble
Illustration, Animation, Drawing
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Kraken Rum Illustrations Created by Steven Noble
Illustration, Animation, Drawing
4991 329

Kraken Rum commissioned a large number of illustrations that were all hand-rendered and created by Steven Noble for their series of animations and assembled over wire frames with separate Photoshop layers that included shadows, midtones and highlights that took over 3 months to complete. This allowed the illustrations to be pealed and disassembled like layers on the surface of an onion.
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These animations appeared in television ads nationwide across the US during the ESPN March Madness that includes "Existence," Strength" and Survival."

Wire Frame 1
Wire Frame 2
Wire Frame 3
Sperm Whale Illustration
Sperm Whale Illustration 2
Sperm Whale Illustration 3
Submarine Illustration 
Submarine Illustration 2
Kraken Eyes
Kraken Eyes Close-up
Kraken Eye Detail
Kraken Globe Illustration 
Globe Detail 
Scuba Diver Illustration 
Harpoon Illustration Detail 1
Harpoon Illustration Detail 2
Harpoon/Mobile Phone Morphing 
Mobile Phone Illustration 
Hand Holding Mobile Phone Illustration  
Hands Holding Mobile Phone Kraken App
Kraken Mobile App 
Lighthouse Illustration 
Lighthouse Illustration 2
Kraken and Ship